Tagarchief: love


He grabbed his T-shirt off the bedroom floor and walked outside. He sat down on the fallen tree that has been laying in our yard for many years. We never bothered to get rid of it. It looks rotten. He sat down on the tree and lit up his cigarette like he always did.

I was just watching him and realized he always took his T-shirt outside with him without putting it on. His body looked pale yet strong. It was a clear night. For a moment I thought of joining him. To sit down next to him and tell him I love him. I changed my mind because he already knows. He loves me because I changed my mind.

He smoked his cigarette only half, like he always did. He got up and walked back inside. He walked up to me and wiped the tears from my face. He never asks questions because he always knows. Forever is a feeling, not a word.